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We take the time to study and understand the interdependence of the two main elements of a society: the Work and the Human being, analogously the Job offer and the Applicant.

We developed our services according to use of specific methodologies, created and based upon the study of human nature and work. These methodologies allow for the detailed assessment of the Job offer and the Applicant in order to be able to, later on, join both successfully.

We create means of support to the human resources management locally because we are aware of the need to ensure the success of both.

Our work is challenging and exciting…

We are constantly meeting people that, maybe, initially seem to have similar characteristics but whom we know to be different… The society where they come from may be widely different, their culture, their values and rules, their learning experiences, the situations that they live and have lived, the groups to which they used to belong. They are, above all else, individual beings that, given the context that they have lived, make their own choices, define their own lifestyles, have ambitions, motivations, needs, interests, emotions…

It means understanding what made them get to “this point”, what contributed to their edification and development and understand if the project at hand is going to allow the continuation this personal growth.

Furthermore, it cannot be forgotten that the Job offer is part of an Organization that is in itself made of people with a specific history, culture and structure that always differs from others.


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It is not the strongest species that survives nor the most intelligent but the one who is most sensitive to change.

Charles Darwin

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